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♦ Baron ♦

Was Land Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Photographer, Painter.

Is Artist.


I generally do not talk about my pictures.


Because it is nothing more than a nice decoration of the void?
Ok - why not - but that's not really the answer.

The answer is, I hate the "heresy of the didactic", as Edgar Allan Poe put it.
So 'just' l'art pour l'art? - Perhaps but not necessarily - because
everything has a meaning, a significance that points beyond the thing itself,
but these meanings are neither unambiguous nor even isomorphic.
Each beholder has to find his own view uninfluenced - my intensions should be
irrelevant for him, especially because these also usually change in the course
of time - I am not seldom surprised myself about some unexpected
aspects of my works - that is the beauty of making pictures.

I am mainly interested in the alienation of images of reality with natural
as well as computer-generated structures and patterns but also especially through
the creative use of "random" artifacts.
The goal is always the transformation of immanence into transcendence.

Well, I just make pictures that consist of images of,
fragments of reality as well as fragments of computer generated images,
and I hope the beholder will see things and meanings in them,
that I have not discovered myself yet.
I would be happy if it were so.

In the end, pictures are imaginary solutions for manifestations of reality.

♦ Copyright © 1986 - by Baron. All Rights Reserved. ♦

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